What We Can Do

In general, there are a lot of different answsers to this statement.

First, we can do web design, web development, business analysis and general web kung-fu to get your site up and running and kicking butt.

Second, because we've worked with a lot of different sorts of clients, we can be a consultant, helping you decide where to go with your business (with regards to the online stuff anyway).

Third, since we have a no-nonsense attitude, we don't spend a lot of time making up reports that no one will read. You can expect clear, consise results.

Our Stories

We don't think it's very helpful to just list a few clients and use their names to pretend we're big shots. However, we have worked for clients both big and small. Here are some stories about how we've helped a few people and a few companies.

We've helped build an Application Service Provider (also known as an ASP) which is a company that hosts software on the internet so that their clients can access it. With an ASP, there are some big challenges. First, it's not a regular sort of business--a lot of people don't even realize that you can host software on the internet. Second, there are some technical issues that must be worked out such as the set up of the hardware infrastructure and the development or customization of the software. Lastly, there are the matters related to the sales of the service. We needed to set up marketing materials, sales materials and account management tools.

We've been what we call a "Virtual CTO" for a few companies. We've worked very closely with a few design companies and we've developed relationships with them to such an extent that they include us in all their technical decisions.

We've developed a lot of websites in the past few years, everything from vanity sites to ecommerce sites that process millions of dollars. To us websites, big and small, all share these characteristics: they're fun to build, they all represent a challenge and they all are a learning opportunity. As a result, we enjoy building websites and we take each project on with enthusiasm.

We've also developed a lot of software. The software we build is typically web-based applications that perform a customized business function. Some of this software is available on the internet, but most is developed for internal purposes and therefore we can't really show it off here.

Click on the links to the right to read more. If you're interested in our services there are several ways to reach me.


We build websites. Large, small, using content management systems, integrating with other services.

Web-Based Software

We build all sorts of web-based software (also called web applications).

Building an ASP

An application service provider has some specific challenges. We have experience building this sort of business.

Virtual CTO

Some companies are missing someone to help them make technical decisions. We can help.

Unusual Projects

Some of our projects aren't ordinary.


We have several partnerships with companies. This allows us to expand our range of services and offer more to our clients.