"Today the business of business is becoming the constant invention of new business." - Marshall McLuhan

At Sloan Consulting, we are well-known for being experts in established techniques and an early-adopter of new and exciting tools and techniques. This means that our clients get the best of both worlds.

We understand that the wheel does not need to be re-invented on every occassion and we certainly don't expect that every project we work on needs a cutting edge approach. However, because we're on top of the latest innovations and techniques, we are ready to go when you are.

To every project we bring a deep history and fresh eyes.


Alberta Agriculture (AAFRD) wanted a report on their project management processes. While project management is not innovative, Sloan Consulting was also able to bring our experience in related areas, like document management and information management, to the report.

Acera Developments wanted some software to help them manage their projects and their accounting with their contractors. We helped put together a web-based project management platform that uniquely fits Acera's business process. We embraced the new Django framework ( to leverage the speed and power it provides for Acera.